Interim QA Management

RGI monitors the performance of work and assures that all aspects are completed in accordance with site safety requirements, drawings, specifications and applicable codes – all while maintaining project schedule.

RGI assures that only reviewed and approved supplier/contractor weld procedures and procedure qualifications, fabrication drawings and details are used for fabrication and installation.

RGI would assume responsibility for supervisory control or development of a surveillance system assuring that required activities are performed by qualified individuals and that all records documenting these activities are maintained.

rgi2 Expertise

Working with Robertson Global Inspections LLC ensures that inspections on your behalf are performed in accordance with your Quality Procedures, by competent personnel having appropriate education, training, skills and experience.

Expertise includes the inspection of material and manufactured items (pressure vessels, rotating equipment, piping, and other components per design).  Equipment is inspected to project specifications and applicable codes and standards, with a focus on identifying opportunities to minimize re-work and ensure on-time delivery, early in the fabrication process.

rgi3 Inspection

Inspections are performed at the supplier’s location, during fabrication and/or during installation at the customer’s site and would include, but not be limited to:

  • Inspection and testing activities at various stages of production, including designated hold, witness and final inspection points
  • Quality verification by direct examination of the item or product to include as a minimum:
    • Proper configuration and completeness of product
    • Evaluation of dimensional, physical and other significant characteristics
    • Cleanliness
    • Complete and legible identification including shipping protection and packaging
    • Verification that the equipment provided is both safe and reliable
  • Review of required documentation including supplier fabrication drawings and weld procedures
  • Reporting of any non-conformance to your Project Manager or Quality Assurance Manager
  • Providing an expediting report of progress and assist in solving scheduling problems
  • Providing interface and liaison between you and your suppliers
  • Documenting in detail the objective evidence of conformance to the specified requirements (Inspection Report) including digital photos

Each inspection provides independent review and opportunity for advising your project team of any potential delays and/or revisions; thru review of production schedules, specifications, validation of packaging and shipping details and review of document turnover packages.